Welcome to our first blog post about the best skin care for glowing skin products from natural ingredients! I’m Marialena Baklatzi, founder of MIELĒV, a company that offers 100% organic, cruelty-free, and vegan face care products for everyday use.

Today I will talk to you about the Specialist Awards 2023, a contest for the best Greek face cleanser care product made with natural ingredients and zero chemicals (“natural product” category).

GOLD Award for MIELĒV’s Face Cleanser - La pluie skincare product for glowing skin

We recently participated in this year’s Specialist Awards, and I’m sharing that experience with you here. The Specialist Awards is a function, since 2016, whose purpose is to promote and award high-quality and innovative Greek businesses.

In this context, I was very pleased to participate in the contest, and I chose our natural face cleanser (and makeup remover), La pluie, to compete in the category “natural face care product 2023”, among other established cosmetic companies.

I was informed that the selection panel consisted of 80 specialized judges from all over Greece, who were selected based on their experience, integrity, and trustworthiness.

To participate in the contest, each company was required to provide the judges with their product so they could, in turn, use and evaluate it based on the results they saw and the sensation they received from each product.

La pluie was voted unanimously as the best natural face care product and won the Gold Award with a score of 94%.

These are the judges’ comments:

1. Wonderful sensation and aroma. It leaves a sense of cleanliness. It cleanses the skin while simultaneously caring for it. The addition of prebiotics in the composition is excellent. It leaves a comfortable feeling, does not weigh on the skin, and is easy to rinse.

2. Very nice and well-made packaging. Quite an eco-friendly approach. It combines natural products and luxury in harmony.

3. Perfect! Wonderful texture, scent, and packaging. The whole philosophy is special. I would use it; it totally won me over, and I would like to try other products by this company. I hope this award is just the beginning of the company’s growing popularity in Greece and abroad and will help in its faster expansion.

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Thank you for reading "La Pluie: The Best Face Cleanser for Glowing Skin with Natural Ingredients at the Specialist Awards 2023."