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21 Jul The Best Beauty Products for a Daily Face Care Routine - Testimonial by Joanna Vaiou
Baklatzi Marialena 0 7600
It’s always so amazing to receive such positive feedback for our beauty products, and to know that those of you who trust us with your daily skincare routine by using our products have such visible results!Today, we are excited to share someone’s per..
27 Jun Best Skin Care for Glowing Skin: La Pluie Face Cleanser #1 at Specialist Awards 2023
Baklatzi Marialena 0 8566
Welcome to our first blog post about the best skin care for glowing skin products from natural ingredients! I’m Marialena Baklatzi, founder of MIELĒV, a company that offers 100% organic, cruelty-free, and vegan face care products for everyday use. To..
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