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Natural face cleanser
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Buy natural skin cleanser
Face cleanser daily use
Natural cleanser for face
Natural face cleanser
Buy face cleanser online
Buy natural skin cleanser
Face cleanser daily use
Natural cleanser for face
*Colours may vary due to the use of natural ingredients and the absence of synthetic dyes

Natural (pure) skin face cleanser for makeup removal, with aloe vera juice, prebiotics, vitamin E

An all-natural face wash - a mild natural skin cleanser that does not dehydrate or cause skin irritations, and removes even the most persistent makeup. It's astringent and anti-inflammatory effect is due to the use of organic witch hazel water and orange, while the organic macadamia nut oil, enriched with vitamin E, nourishes and moisturizes, helping the repair process of cells and tissue. 



Mild Surfactants and Cleansers, Prebiotics (Inulin and Fructose), Organic Hamamelis Water, Provitamin B5 (Panthenol), Organic Orange Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Lavender Extract, Organic Macadamia Nut Oil.

A facial cleanser is a rinse-off product that removes dirt, dead cells, and makeup. It comes in various forms, the most common of which are gel, balm, and emulsion. We choose a gel form for our cleanser, to ensure a deep clean of the skin’s pores through mild surfactants that don’t contain sulfates (SLS and SLES). Sulfates are synthetic detergents and foaming agents found in many cleaning products, shampoos, shower gels, or hand cleansing creams, which usually have the opposite effects of what we aim for as they dehydrate and dry out the skin, removing our skin’s natural oils and creating a feeling of tightness.

Apply a small amount on damp skin (face & eyes), and massage gently using circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use the soft La Pluie Pure Skin Natural Facial Cleanser gel, before the use of a face serum, a face cream, and an anti-aging eye cream (best for dark circles).

Our natural face-skin cleanser consists of the following ingredients: Aqua, Coco Glucoside, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) * Leaf Water, Glycerin, Citrus Aurantium (Orange)* Fruit Water, Lavandula Angustifolia flower extract, Macadamia* Ternifolia Seed Oil, Aloe* Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Inulin, Fructose, Panthenol, Parfum, Sodium Levulinate, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum, Phenethyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate.

*Certified Organic Cultivation

Dermatologically Tested | Ideal for Sensitive Skin



SLES, ALES, SULFATES, SOAP, PARABENS, Silicone, Alcohol, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Ethanolamine, Synthetic Dyes, Retinol, PEG, Phthalates, PCM. Perfume Allergens Free

100% VEGAN


Mild Natural Surfactants

Harsh alkaline soaps and cleansers with sulfates, expose skin to inflammations, disturb the skin’s natural PH, and may lead to irritated skin. When replaced with natural, mild surfactants, mainly derived from natural sources such as fructose and coconut oil, skin irritations are reduced since they have gentle cleansing abilities that do not remove our natural oils from the outer layer of the epidermis. They are excellent emollients, they help soften and soothe the skin.


Coco Glucoside

This ingredient is derived from renewable raw ingredients such as coconut oil and fructose and is fully biodegradable. It does not consist of any elements that are aggravative for the body such as parabens, diethanolamine, lauryl sulfates, laureth sulfates, and formaldehyde. It has powerful cleansing properties and enhances the skin’s hydration.



Organic Macadamia Nut Oil

Organic Macadamia Nut Oil is rich in fatty acids such as palmitoleic acid, which helps prevent premature aging of the skin. It is also rich in oleic acid, which blocks Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), making it ideal for hydrating dry, sensitive skin. Its high concentration of phytosterols, which protect the cellular membrane, helps in the proper function of the epidermal barrier.


Organic Hamamelis Water

Hamamelis Blossom Water is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent ingredient. These properties help firm and cleanse the skin’s pores. It is highly recommended when dealing with acne, psoriasis, and eczema.


Organic Orange Water

Orange Water actively promotes blood circulation and helps skin look rejuvenated and radiant. It also helps against skin dryness.


Organic Aloe Vera

Aloe contains over 75 nutrients, including 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids. It constitutes a real “storage” of valuable ingredients since it contains vitamins such as Α, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E, as well as folic acid. It contains trace elements such as iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, molybdenum, selenium, potassium, and iodine, as well as other amino acids.


Organic Lavender Oil

Its main active compounds are terpenic alcohols: linalool, a substance well-known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and neurotonic properties. It also has a powerful antiseptic effect, since it is used to clear eczema and acne, and it has other antibacterial properties against many viruses and bacteria (e.g streptococcus, pneumococcus, staphylococcus E.coli). 



Panthenol (provitamin Β5) is easily absorbed, has an incredible healing effect, and can maintain high levels of hydration for the skin. It contributes to cell proliferation and the composition of intracellular proteins.




Our skin’s microbiome, which is the ecosystem of our organism’s bacteria, is disrupted on a daily basis by environmental pollution and exposure to sunlight. When the delicate balance between good and bad skin bacteria is disrupted, it creates sensitivity and various types of inflammation, such as atopic dermatitis, staphylococcus, or extremely dry skin. A classic approach in skin protection focuses on preserving the skin’s natural barrier, ignoring the need to protect the skin’s microbiome, which is of the utmost importance!


It has been clinically proven that adding prebiotics to skincare products helps the skin’s microbiome become more tolerant to the environmental “attacks” it undergoes on a daily basis.

Prebiotics (inulin and fructose) nourish the beneficial microbial flora, creating a natural defensive shield against all environmental polluters, while protecting and reinforcing the skin’s healthy appearance. In this way, we preserve the health of our good bacteria and prevent the colonization of bad bacteria, and ward off infections. The prebiotics we use is clinically proven to be extremely effective, reduce itchiness, and soothe irritated skin.

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