It’s always so amazing to receive such positive feedback for our beauty products, and to know that those of you who trust us with your daily skincare routine by using our products have such visible results!

Today, we are excited to share someone’s personal experience. Joanna, who belongs to the 30-50 age group where our products are most popular, shares her story with us first. A story that shows how the daily use of our face care products for a month revealed her natural glow. Read on for more details as well as “before and after” images.

This is Joanna’s "daily use of MIELĒV's products" story:

"I’d like to publicly thank MIELĒV, and personally thank Marialena Baklatzi, the company’s founder and CEO, for their skincare products, which I recently started using. First off, I must admit that I’ve never been a person who took skincare too seriously or was ever consistent with the use of such products.

Skincare wasn’t part of my top interests and therefore I hadn’t invested the time to look into it. I would just do the bare minimum.

I happen to be friends with Marialena and due to my professional curiosity in digital marketing, I’ve been following MIELĒV’s product reviews on social media, and I must say, I was impressed!

The reviews were all super positive, but most importantly, authentic!

People who work in my field can tell and they also know that this is a rare phenomenon.

During one of our meetings with Marialena, she surprised me with a gift, and thus I became the proud owner of MIELĒV’s natural face cleanser, face serum with hyaluronic acid, and wonder eye cream, which has rave reviews!

So after reading what other women had to say about the products, I was curious to try them out and see the results for myself!

I’ve been using the following products for a month, and this is what I have to say:

  • The face cleanser leaves my skin very soft and has an incredible scent.
  • The face serum, which is concentrated, leaves me with an amazing firming sensation and my skin absorbs it almost immediately.
  • The eye cream also has a similar firming sensation both under the eyes and on my eyelids.

In the meantime, and for the past 3 months, I’ve also improved my diet by removing all the foods with trans fats and anything that doesn’t fuel my body with something nutritious. I told myself that now that I’m over 40, it’s the best time to make it up to myself and my body for all my "dietary sins" of the previous decades. I realized that sugar, desserts, snacks, and any other type of comfort fast-food are addictions.

They offer a “quick fix” which only serves to hold us hostage since they’re designed to make us crave for more.

As I grow older and mature, I observe that the YOLO (You Only Live Once) mentality is becoming less prominent, especially when you’re a fan of self-improvement. There comes a time when you ask yourself what you want your life to look like moving forward.

Our desires may change with time, and that’s normal!

While it’s true that many factors are out of our control, we can contribute to our quality of life by improving the things that we do control:

  1. The things we consume (both literally and metaphorically)
  2. The thoughts we have - Where, how, and on whom we invest our time and energy
  3. What we learn and how we develop our life skills and our knowledge…

Everything in life is a habit. We just need to make a decision and stay consistent.

I recently found a photograph of myself, which was taken when I was 36 years old, back in 2017 (left).


I remember that moment very vividly as I was at the airport in Paris, returning from a trip to the City of Light. I was taken aback by the difference I noticed in my eyes!

Back then, I wasn’t taking care of my diet or following any face care routine, and the dark circles and bags under my eyes were very pronounced. Out of curiosity, I looked at a more recent photo of myself (at 42y.o) and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. My eyes looked less tired, with no bags or dark circles underneath! It was a whole new me!

Both photographs are natural (without filters or any make-up), and it’s almost impossible to believe that in my “before” picture (left), I’m 6 years younger!

The difference is visible, and I’m thrilled! Something that doesn’t happen very often! MIELĒV’s Eye Wonder Cream, Le pétale certainly played its part in my results after 1 month of consistent use, and I can’t wait to see the results after 2 months or more, as I continue to use it.

As an end note, I would just like to share that no matter how busy we are with our day-to-day life, work, or other activities, it’s important to make time to self-care for better health options with things that we can include in our everyday lives. Who would reject a more refreshed complexion when it’s so simple and natural with no harmful effects?

Through MIELĒV, I realized that the answer lies in nature.

A balanced diet, staying hydrated (preferably with filtered water), enough sleep, a strong mindset to endure tough times and overcome the difficulties we see happening around us, and finally, 100% cruelty-free, Vegan natural face care products!

I’m not sure to what extent each of the factors mentioned above contributed to the results you can see in my “before and after” images, but I know that these are my results. I’m hoping that my personal experience will inspire others to take that first step towards improving their well-being”.

~ Joanna Vaiou - Owner at / SEO Services Expert

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